Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blogging Tools

I've been running this blog with some of Blogger's tools for a while now.

Obviously there is Adwords, but those trawling through the HTML (but why would you these days?) will also pick up that I'm using Google Analytics.

Now I turned on Analytics some months ago and the results have been interesting. People are actually reading my blog. Quite a lot. Generally from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. I had wondered, because there were very few clicks on the Adwords. Perhaps I should not be surprised by that - I only rarely follow an Adwords link on another Blog. I've almost learnt to phase them out automatically. I think it is only the Adwords on GMail I really ever click. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone really clicks on Adwords links anymore.

Now, Google analytics has really shown which posts have and continue to attract attention. It is the VMware posts which attract most attention. In fact for the last month the top 5 are all VMware posts. The highest Solaris post is the one about changing hostids and that is coming in at no.7.

So it goes!

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